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*Package expires 6 months from date of purchase.

  • Initial Consultation and Health History Assessment 
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment (NAQ)
  • Food Journal Analysis
  • Functional Exam 
  • Individualized Dietary Plan
  • Specific Therapeutic Supplements
  • Nutritional Support

​Functional Testing 

  •  Pocket Shopper

    • Want help knowing what to buy while you're grocery shopping? Let me be your "pocket shopper" 

    • Up to one hour of unlimited questions, texting, etc. for 3 separate shopping trips/stores
  • Meal Swap (choose 3 or 5 meals)

    • Does your family have favorite meals that you'd like to make healthier? Let me help! Submit your recipes and I'll make healthy swaps that your family won't even notice

  • Email Communication

    • Convenient way to dialogue directly with the practitioner on your personal health progress, questions, concerns, and obstacles. Email responses guaranteed within 2 business days.

    • Choose between 5 or 10 email exchanges with the practitioner
    • Up to 3 questions/concerns per email. Package expires 3 months after purchase

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  • Functional Exam
  • Specific Food Sensitivity Bio-feedback Test
  • Lingual Neural Testing - Specific Food/Supplement  
  • Mineral Deficiency Test

{These services may be added to any package}

Real Food Makeovers

Our Packages


6 Month Package* 

  • Initial Assessment - Up to 2 hour consultation 
    • Health History
    • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment (NAQ)
    • Food Journal Analysis 
  • 2 Functional Body Exams
  • Personal Nutrition plan
  • 4 - In-person/Phone Follow-Up
  • 2 Re-assessments - New NAQ, Food Journal Analysis and Nutrition Plan
  • Functional Body Exam
  • Specific Food Allergy Bio-feedback Test
  • 8 Email Exchanges w/Practitioner
  • "Pocket Shopper" Session (see details below)
  • 5 Meal Swaps (see details below)

Ala Carte Services

​​​Nutritional Therapy

3 Month Package* 

  • Initial Assessment - Up to 2 hour         consultation
    • Health History
    • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment (NAQ)
    • Food Journal Analysis
  • Functional Body Exam
  • Personal Nutrition Plan
  • 2 In-person/Phone Follow-ups
  • 1 Re-assessment - New NAQ, Food Journal Analysis and Nutrition Plan
  • 3 Email Exchanges w/ Practitioner
  • "Pocket Shopper" Session or 3 Meal swaps (see details below)

 { Must have purchased a package within last 6 months to be eligible for these services }

  • In-home Pantry Makeover
  • Personal Grocery Store Tour
  • Meal-swap Meal Makeovers 

Add-on Services



  • Re-Assessment - NAQ, Food Journal Analysis & Individual Nutrition Plan

    • Check in to see how you're progressing on your Nutritional Therapy journey

    • Re-take the comprehensive nutritional assessment, submit new food journals for analysis and receive a modified nutrition plan

  • ​Functional Body Exam w/LNT

    • Find out how your body is responding to therapeutic food and/or supplements  

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